Covid-19 best practices & checklist

At SMS-Timing we want to support our clients in the reopening of their business. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many of them will need to adjust the way they operate to ensure the safety of their guests.

As a software partner, we feel it our responsibility to make sure

  • Our clients are aware of the measures they can take.
  • Our clients are informed about the available devices and their usage.

Depending on your authorities you will have to file a bundle to ensure all measures were taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Feel free to adjust the files to your need and make sure it is conform with your local authorities. We’ve made the bundle like this so you can print additional copies of certain pages. (eg. to include multiple activities.) For more information feel free to send us an email.

Not only our clients but many other facilities around the world can be helped by using this bundle so feel free to share the link with everyone you know and might need this document.

In order to fill in the file and make use of all the features (including pictures,…) you will need adobe’s PDF reader or any free equivalent. You can find the software on the manufacturer’s site. Here are the two I used for testing.

We’ll send you a download link by mail if you fill in this form.


This bundle is created as a service by Business & Marketing Improvements to assist Family entertainment centers and other activity centers all over the world and should not be commercialized in any way. Please, follow up with your local authorities for the mandatory restrictions and regulations.

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